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In a time when more people are creating more content and news travel fast I’m a bit perplexed by the rise of magazine pay walls. It’s not that I don’t understand publishers need to increase revenue, it’s just that I don’t see what news outlet would make me get out my Visa.
My normal reaction to a pay wall is “too bad, that would have been a nice article to read”, and that is also the extent of of it.

On the other hand I probably would pay to read a blog of someone I admire/find thought provoking/funny. After all, I pay for books (even those where the content originates from a blog).

So maybe that’s a valid reason for pay walls – limiting access to columns, in-depth articles etc. The question then is, who will tell me what is worth paying for?! How many free months of access will it take for me to grow a habit? Who will play the role of the bookstore clerk/librarian and suggest material worthy of both my time and money?

I would think the real money lies in being the “critic” of content. Building a trust from knowing what’s worth ppl’s time first, and then possibly being the go-to source for good paid-for content. But that of course implies you’re not an old-school critic, working for a newspaper, because that would mean you get stuck behind the pay wall! 🙂

What content critic are you already listening to, and what sites would you pay up to use?
Maybe we also need to widen the concept of “pay”? Ads and actual money are the two everyone seems to rely on, but shouldn’t it really be a third and fourth option to explore…

Update April 21st

Econsultancy article about a possible third payment option?!

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Time…is not on my side

I realized yesterday that I’m paralyzed! Utterly and completely paralyzed. Why? Because of TIME!

I KNOW – we all have an equal amount of time at our disposal

I also read this blog post about personal growth, thanks to @danschawbel. You would think that would act as a kick-in-the-butt… but nooo, frankly I think it made things worse 🙂

A month ago, when I came back from vacation, I had the intent to “take control” and “act” to sort out all the stuff that’s been rotting away on the to-do list. I might add I’ve done exactly NOTHING yet… because I’m waiting – I just don’t know for what!

I know I normally get energized from having a lot to do – and thought that having each weekend for the next month booked should be enough, but it just paralyzes me. It’s like I don’t realize that all weekends are in-fact a week apart. I do nothing to be prepared and I feel annoyed that everything is happening at the same time.

Time is truly a relative thing, and I’m just realizing that worse than having it go too fast or too slow, is having it do both in a matter of minutes!

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Don’t you just love when two people you admire start a heated discussion about the big questions in life… or do you get flashbacks from a childhood where the parents were arguing? 😉

Well I like it, and since I highly respect the ideas of both Malcom Gladwell and Chris Anderson, I must say this is a real treat!

The New Yorker: Malcolm Gladwell reviews “Free” by Chris Anderson

And my take? Free works! But not without being clear on the business objective…
If giving 70% of your traditional earning to another company doesn’t render you 100 % new earning potentials…well, then don’t!

I’m sure you’re always asking yourself: What is the value add of the person/company that want a part of your profit?

What is the actual cost of giving something away for free, to get PR that would cost you X amount of money to buy?

This is not brain surgery, and there’s really nothing new about it – it’s just the speed ideas travel in, that’s newish

I’m seriously grateful to the New Yorker for giving me Gladwell’s intellectual property for free…but I’m sure they see the gains outweighing his per-word-pay 😉

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Changing blogging platforms is NOT all-the-rage… but STILL I’m doing it! WordPress is my new baby, and unfortunately, I haven’t completely got the hang of it yet…but bare with me 😀

@EricTPeterson tweeted a questions – that summarized MY bad habit. And seconds later I read @AnnLjungbergs writing exercise “Write about a bad habit” – you both tweeted me on the nose with this one! 😀

So, my bad habit is the “read later” add-on in Firefox! I LOVE reading, and with twitter, blog etc the tips just get overwhelming – therefore “read later” is heavily used! I love it, i truly do, because it falls into my lovely world of procrastinating… and of course, I have yet to clear out and sort my read laters…

But I gave Eric the advice of taking 20 mins/day to acutally check off some read laters – it’s not a solution, but it is a start! And I’ll do that!

Just the other day @MattCutts tweeted his 30-day project… and I promised him I would join if he chose “Reading 15 books” – from 1 to 15 might be kidding myself, but I’ll increase my BOOK (!) reading with several 100 % during July!  If Matt is right, and it only takes 30 days to make a habit – I’ll have 2 new good habits to go with my vast amount of bad ones! =D

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To be convinced

This blogpost was additionally written in my former blog dollysdoings.blogspot.com, but since WordPress IS all the rage I felt compelled to switch…

A few years back I started following a great woman’s daily newsletter. She’s a book publisher that also holds author writing classes. On top of that, for free, she gave away small tips and challenges to anyone wanting to participate.

I found this woman, Ann Ljungberg, through a swedish social network called Shortcut. At the time I studied project management and only had writing as a hobby. Since Shortcut focuses on helping people onwards in their careers, I stopped using it when I found my job. And Ann stopped sending her newsletter – because, of course, she started focusing on her blog and her core business 😀 Alas I lost the inspiration that Ann’s sendouts had been – and as life goes, I got used to it and didn’t think much of it.

Until yesterday! Being the book buff that I am, I’m following a lot of book publishers on Twitter, and suddenly @Piratforlaget said something to @AnnLjungberg! And here I am, today, answering her challenge… 🙂

I’m now convinced that Twitter does good – despite most people displaying a not-so-mild skepticism – because not only does it help me find info about SEO and other online marketing related subject, it also put me in contact with Ann, once again – now that writing is a big part of what I do all day!

The web definitely gives us new writing challenges regarding style and expression, but for me it also embodies the chance to evolve and grow my capabilities as a copy writer – without loosing track of what writing “used” to be about!

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