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Pinterest is still new enough for me to think not everything has been said, but “old” enough for it to make sense for marketers to take a look at it for their own brands. In Sweden it hasn’t really hit home yet, but in US most brands you would expect have already adopted Pinterest as a new channel.

Hubspot is a though leader in all things online marketing and I decided to write an “exective summary” of their Pinterest guide to help myself and hopefully you. Please note that the facts are from Hubspot, but that the wording and thoughts are my own, and therefor nothing Hubspot can be held accountable for.

The basics
The goals of Pinterest use is brand recognition, driving traffic , new leads
If you brand is design related it’s possibly even more important that you check it out.

Register your Pinterest account with the same email address you use for your Twitter account, to easily share your pints through Twitter too.

Choose your username and complete your profile information. Company name and logo is good to use, and don’t forget a link to your website.

Make sure not to hide your Pinterest profile from search engines. There is a choice to do so in the Settings, and it’s automatically set to off.

If you use a “Pin it” button on your pages, it’s easy for visitors to share your content. However, these are no-follow links, so they won’t affect your SEO. But will probably affect your website visits.

Since you will be curating content, make sure you’re citing the source of the pins. The picture will link back to the site you found it on and/or the pinner you pinned it from, so that should be easy enough 🙂

Create a few boards before you start to build your following, otherwise ppl won’t know why they should follow you or your board.

Cross-promote your pins through your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter etc But, as always, don’t overdo it

Create boards based on keywords in your SEO strategy, and make them GOOD! Basically this helps you position your brand as a thoughtleader in the field.

Don’t forget to measure impact with your analytics tool!

What pictures/topics/boards send more traffic than others?

Try to become the go-to pinner for a certain topic relating to your industry (remember those keywords)

Whenever possible, inclued links back to your website and LP’s in your pins. The combined impact from clicks and re-pins will give you some good traffic.

Use hashtags – preferably the same ones you use on Twitter (and Instagram)

Board ideas
Employees, with short bio
Executives ,with short bio, media mentions, interviews, etc
Images from your blogposts (around a specific subject)
Infographics (your own or those you find interesting)
Book covers (that you’ve written, around a subject dear to you etc)
Photos of smiling customers using your products
User generated board (host a contest)
Create a video gallery (yes, it’s possible!)
Behind the scenes (helps make your brand relatable and humanized – therefore interesting)

Lessons learned from other brands
It’s all about what you share, not necessarily what you sell
Think outside the box of how you typically use social media to market your brand
Follow Pinterest’s lifestyle credo & make your brand page personal for your fans
Even if your company isn’t exactly devoted to “pretty things”, it doesn’t mean you can’t be on Pinterest

I want it all
Download the Hubspot e-book for more juicy info on Pinterest for Business
and follow Hubspot on Twitter while you’re at it!


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Do you consider yourself an average user of LinkedIn? Chances are you do! And yet, there are so many angles to the networking community left to investigate.

Down to basics
Name, title, picture, education, earlier work – its all very basic really. And yet, it took me 5+ years to fill in my profile to 100%. How many % complete is your profile?

What’s in a name
If you’re lucky you have a name people remember after hearing it once. If you’re like me, you have a fairly common name. But maybe you have a specialty? Some creative individuals add that right after their name (in the same field), ensuring it shows up everywhere your name does. A bonus is it supports the title section of your profile.

Your title, sir
Does your title and company say enough about your skills? Or are there other keywords that should be included? At first glance your name and title section is all another member can see, so make sure it reflects your areas of expertise (especially useful for groups and discussions)

Bells and whistles

  • Even though you might not use LinkedIn at work, make sure to link to any website that relates to what you know. Work website or blog, you own blog related to your line of work, whatever fits the bill really
  • Add your areas of expertise as short keywords (but many of them). It helps people find you in general search as well as get a quick overview of what they could ask you about
  • Explore the add on’s. You can show a custom reading list, your latest tweets, presentations or a feed from your blog. All this will help you build the personal brand you want and it can act as a conversation starter
  • Join groups that are in your area of interest and join the discussion


Last but not least
Interact with people! Find ppl you know, but also ppl you’ve only met once or twice. However, unless you know them really well, make sure to change the standard message to something a bit more personal when you send a contact request!

Happy networking!

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25th of April was my latest post… I’m at a loss for words! Sadly it’s about the same time that I stopped spending time on online marketing as well.
But as the song goes – Enough is enough is enough is enough…
I answered a survey from a community I used to be a member of and I realized how much energy and valuable input online gives me. Tips from Twitter in form of blogs, articles, feedback from tweeps. New SEO rules dictated by Google. New ad channels (or old ones suddenly worth taking a look at). There are just so many factors in play that to do online you need to live and breath online.

Although Twitter has evolved a lot and doesn’t provide the community spirit it did1-2 years ago, it’s still a source of information and it’s still only as good as you make it. The original though holds true: put quality content out there and demand quality from those you interact with. The fact that online marketing is becoming a standard element within marketing shouldn’t lure us into thinking it’s all said and done.

Alarmingly this “everyday business” is still widely unknown to the people dependent on it. Adwords and SEO are not synonyms. Link building isn’t link building isn’t link building (seriously, do have a look the sites that link to you – if it’s about apes, the alps and anacondas it’s not a high quality site).

I guess that’s one of the reasons why so many “social media experts” still have more work than they can handle!
And it’s a reason for me to keep this monologue going 😉

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Sweden’s beloved (and hated) H&M got caught doing the doo doo in New York.

To be honest, Wal-Mart got caught too…but they had a spokesperson saying “Strange, I will HAVE to investigate this” or something of the sort… H&M made the journalist call someone else, that then didn’t answer…and OH-OH, who got to be the bad boy in this?!

The HUGE problem I see is actually not that it happened! The ENORMOUS problem is that H&M has a Corporate Responsibility executive employed(!!) And that they have only been able to say this on their Facebook Fanpage:

H&M is committed to taking responsibility for how our operations affect both people and the environment. Our policy is to donate any damaged usable garments to charity. We’re currently investigating an incident in a NY store that is not representative of our policy. We will follow with more information as soon as we are ab…le. H&M’s US sales operation donates thousands of garments each year through Gifts In Kind Int’l.

You probably won’t be able to find it – it took me 4 clicks 12 hours after the statement. My first reaction was “damaged”?!! – this clothes weren’t damaged before you slashed them!

So WHAT is the issue?! Well, totally disregarding the cruel and NON-responsible way this H&M store handled old and unsellable items – H&M has had all the chances to make amends!
Please just say, “This is appalling, we will certainly go to the bottom of this!” and then publish your corporate responsibility strategy (One you MUST have if you aren’t make “corporate responsibility” into fashion as well…)

Everyone can make mistakes, and a world-wide company will most definitely make them. But, you MUST find a way to handle PR in social media! Hint: it’s not via your PR agency… Social media is about participation, not control!

If you don’t like it, don’t EVER ask us for “our opinion” that is “very valuable” to you – you won’t like the answers!

——- update 11-01-10 —–

See this in the light of a bigger issue at SEO & Social media by Jesper Åström – H&M’s twittering has bothered me for some time, since they seem to think it’s just another “spray&pray channel”, but maybe they’re just suffering from the issues raised by Jesper. Maybe they should even get Jesper & Honesty to help them out!

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So, we’re on the hunt for a CMS at work. Or well, me and the designer is on the hunt. Others mainly ask if we aren’t done already or just don’t say anything. Oh, did I mention we started the search last week?!

So my problem was – A) Go with WordPress – yes of course, but with the issues bound to arise and the enormous interest in learning new tools (well, not, obviously), I can just feel the gray hairs starting to grow on my head.

B) .net or no .net – Everything we do today is on Microsoft servers – oh wait, no, all but one – and all dev and IT are used to Microsoft – so to yank out the websites and host them on Linux – yet again, it will be my gray hairs I guess. Or, mainly the designer guys ’cause I just don’t have a technical background and this is waaay out of my league.

C) Just don’t bother, do a quick search, email our requests and go from there. Said and done!
Found some promising ones, and got good feedback from 2 of them – Kentico – .net & sh*t expensive – and CookieJar – I love this one but it’s Java.

I also got contacted by Alterian – very nice sales rep, but just TOO much, I can’t even get through the description of the tool, and that is what I’m supposed to work with every day…

Oh and then we have “the other open sources” – time consuming work to figure out if they have what you need, but the sensation of “free” is grand – until you hit a problem, and there is ju no-more-time for trial-and-error…

And so, the hunt continues!

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Came across Twitcam today, thanks to @unmarketing

Although I have my tweeps at Twitter (sorry, just had to…) to thank for a bunch of knowledge, it’s at times like this that I get really excited about the possibilities of Twitter.

For one,  although the Twitter website is next to impossible to use if you want to tweet in a serious way, there are gazillions of  3rd party applications to discover. Today it was Twitcam, by LiveStream’s turn – video broadcasting tool, with great sound, easy UI and good picture quality. And at the same time there is a live twitter chat unfolding. It’s like #hashtags with a brain!

And the other thing is the utter immediacy of Twitter. Scott (@unmarketing) tweeted that he started the live video and seconds later I had tuned in. Me and about 100 other people – all interacting with Scott at that second, many of us far away from North America.

Other examples is Inbound Marketing University by Hubspot and a local food-festival in Stockholm – I found both by chance on Twitter, ant the very separate activities gives an idea on variety of  Twitterers already engaged.

There is of course stress related implications for those who cannot master the art of Twitter or that are not curious enough to want to know “everything”. But apart from that…

…think of the possibilities for even the smallest company to create value for  themselves and their customers!

As Scott kindly pointed out, everything you write will end up on your Twitter account. Plus anyone with a Twitter account can join! So it’s not private, but Twitter isn’t about being private – on the contrary – it’s about networking, being real and standing up for your opinions. It may seem scary to not be able to hide behind generic e-mail replies or have time to edit and re-edit whatever you put out there – but I do belive the customers will appreciate the personal approach even more in the future.

Also, a hilarious real-time bonus was Scotts handling of a tea-loving spammer! Nothing is as sweet as live snubbing!

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Just had the funniest experience with auto-follow-by-keyword-on-Twitter…

Tomorrow is MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World and @MarketingProfs told Chicago ppl to come to a tweetup after the event…

I RT’d and said:

Damnit, I”m moving 2 Ch! RT @MarketingProfs: Chicago folks: Who can come 2morrow & help our man Tobias understand the beauty of a Tweetup?

2 minutes after I get a follow by @packnsend – GUESS what they do =) I’m sorry PacknSend, I’m not REALLY moving, but I love you guys for trying! 🙂

Also, sign up for MarketingProfs DMW is your not already! Great stuff totally free!

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