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Seth Godin video

This guy never stops inspiring me. He some times tick me off, but nevertheless I walk away inspired.

Watched this old talk with some co-workers during lunch a while back:

This is broken

Having lucnch with a friend today I got to thinking about the need for inspiration and how lucky we are to have things like this at our fingertips. It can truely brighten the gloomiest of days. Now I only wish I could snap my fingers and be in NYC in time for GEL 2011

If you want more of Seth check out his blog of short but often thought-provoking posts, or follow his twitter-robot ThisIsSethsBlog (or don’t, because I really don’t like the idea of automating your tweets becoming acceptable)


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Digital Devotees SWE

Just wanted to share a new way of raising (or making) money from your blog.
I’ve started an opinion group – if you join you agree to answer surveys and receive incentives for doing so.

It’s dead easy to do and you decide what you want to use the money for. it’s all paid to your PayPal account.

If you don’t want to join my group, but rather start you own – sign up here to raise money!

If you DO want to join my group I’ll be really pleased – but you have to know Swedish (for now) due to restrictions of the service I’m using.

I haven’t decided what to give the money to yet – suggestions are welcome! Remember it’s not the kind of money you’ll get from working, but some is better than none, right! 🙂

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Just trying out PocketDirekt – a Swedish site that lets you sell books on your blog (site). No hassle.

So far, pretty good. Except the fact that I couldn’t get it to work with my book blog 😉

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