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Real-time search… Taste the word for a bit, it is fabulous, isn’t it? And at the same time, not.

Google will without a doubt (and quite often) serve me results that are years old!
Twitter will not give me results from 2 days ago if the subject is popular enough.

And Google (et al) are the ones talking about real-time.
Would you like Google to serve you vitally different pages today and tomorrow, on the same keyword?
I wouldn’t!

So, search engines need to be more stable than real-time search, more reliable and predictable.

The SEOs job is to predict! But a increasingly important role of the SEO is to create (well, force others to create) content! And content is really only good if it’s talked about, linked to and someone “told a friend”.

The necessity to KNOW social media is a no says Bruce Clay, and I agree. They don’t need to know Email marketing or Affiliate marketing either.

Search Engine Optimizers should be a bunch of wanna-be techies that can program test sites on a Sunday morning just for the heck of it. Search Engine Optimizers should know what Google are planning before they do it – sort of like a good check-player!

HOWEVER! The need to understand the world after SEO, and be humble about the fact that it’s all a loop!

And then there are people like me – I do Search Engine Optimization, and I’m probably the most well-read in the company on that area. I KNOW how to get good ratings on a site, I just can’t DO it by myself. I’ve manage to chant the URL,Title, Description chant enough times that content creators actually remember it.

But I know ZIPP about programming. I know marketing. Marketing is a huge part of the loop. And social media is becoming a huge part of marketing.

Enter: Social Engine Optimizer (or Social Media Optimizer, but that would kill the acronym…)

Social Engine Optimizers should understand SEO (the original kind), they should grasp the basic, but also the implications good/bad/non-existing SEO will have on marketing (and in the long run business).

With a Social Engine Optimizer in place, the Search Engine Optimizer would NEVER have to bother with anything from the time of launch to the time of update. The SMO (Yes, I give up) would be there as a project manager to ensure SEO and social focus through the loop.

What say you? Good suggestion? Horrible idea? Write, yell, maybe a good old handshake?!


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So, we’re on the hunt for a CMS at work. Or well, me and the designer is on the hunt. Others mainly ask if we aren’t done already or just don’t say anything. Oh, did I mention we started the search last week?!

So my problem was – A) Go with WordPress – yes of course, but with the issues bound to arise and the enormous interest in learning new tools (well, not, obviously), I can just feel the gray hairs starting to grow on my head.

B) .net or no .net – Everything we do today is on Microsoft servers – oh wait, no, all but one – and all dev and IT are used to Microsoft – so to yank out the websites and host them on Linux – yet again, it will be my gray hairs I guess. Or, mainly the designer guys ’cause I just don’t have a technical background and this is waaay out of my league.

C) Just don’t bother, do a quick search, email our requests and go from there. Said and done!
Found some promising ones, and got good feedback from 2 of them – Kentico – .net & sh*t expensive – and CookieJar – I love this one but it’s Java.

I also got contacted by Alterian – very nice sales rep, but just TOO much, I can’t even get through the description of the tool, and that is what I’m supposed to work with every day…

Oh and then we have “the other open sources” – time consuming work to figure out if they have what you need, but the sensation of “free” is grand – until you hit a problem, and there is ju no-more-time for trial-and-error…

And so, the hunt continues!

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Brace yourself, its gonna be a long one! I’ve been bottling up for too long now! 🙂 The “why” part is at the bottom, just scroll.

  • Are you one of the skeptics of Twitter?
  • Is the meta twittering just getting-on-your-last-nerve?
  • Do you -like me – just want to shriek when people use Twitter as a random buzz-word?

First – Twitter is A TOOL – nothing more, nothing less! When _a better_ tool comes along,  people will switch! Sort of like MySpace and Facebook… What we’re interested in is the FUNCTION of Twitter, the “micro-blogging” if you will.

I tend to do some researching when I’m on Twitter. Just because it’s a social playing field that I (and many with me) have found very useful but that others don’t understand AT ALL. Some of these are people I really respect, and therefore it sparks my curiosity.

The main cons I hear:

– People only twitter what they had for lunch

– I have RSS/Newsletters from the people I’m interested in

– There is no proof you’ll increase revenue

– No one uses it anyway

Ah, yes, the last one is my favorite – the “no ones” that don’t use it – guess what, it doesn’t matter! There is an information stream and it’s happening with or without you and me – so “someone” is using it.

Unfortunately people DO twitter what they had for lunch! But that does NOT mean you have to listen to (a.k.a. “follow”) them… unlike obnoxious co-workers that all headphones in the world can’t drown out!

Yes, there are proof! There just isn’t any consensus! You’ll seldom find consensus outside the math and natural science field – get used to it!

And if you already have ALL the input you want – please don’t use Twitter! You may state the-way-the-world-works on your own blog, thank you very much!

Now, these people are the lesser of the two evils! Worse are the ones that clutter Twitter with NO interest in “social” or “communication”. (Agreed, some companies may be excused for using Twitter as yet-another-broadcasting-channel)

This is what you can tell those people (if you’re just not satisfied with the “unfollow” part):

  • You know of a great new lunch place? Great! Give me the address! Otherwise, shut up about your lunch 😉
  • Oh, good morning to you too – I’m on the other side of the world, it’s 4 pm here!
  • Hey Mr, out of 30,000 followers – I’m SURE you could have found more than 10 interesting people
  • I understand you couldn’t answer an @reply during your 30 tweets-per-hour
  • When someone said “get Twitter” you should have asked “Why”

The WHY is the key!

My company is starting a Twitter account? – Why? (Make sure that Q is answered before ANYONE proceeds)

I’m going to tweet to everyone about my nice pen! – Why? (Is there a value add?)

I can’t tweet for work because I don’t know what to say – Why? (Should you work somewhere more engaging?)

I’m going to repeat this tweet for the 3rd time today (hundred time this month) – Why? (Yes, you the spammer!)

…or even

I don’t want to use Twitter but I see it necessary to tell everyone that does how fooled they are – Why? (Ignore it and it will go away)

Ah, sweet feeling of relief! I will now try to keep my twitter-complaining to a minimum! Just remember to ask Why! But only once or twice – don’t overdo it, cause that surely is annoying! 🙂

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Came across Twitcam today, thanks to @unmarketing

Although I have my tweeps at Twitter (sorry, just had to…) to thank for a bunch of knowledge, it’s at times like this that I get really excited about the possibilities of Twitter.

For one,  although the Twitter website is next to impossible to use if you want to tweet in a serious way, there are gazillions of  3rd party applications to discover. Today it was Twitcam, by LiveStream’s turn – video broadcasting tool, with great sound, easy UI and good picture quality. And at the same time there is a live twitter chat unfolding. It’s like #hashtags with a brain!

And the other thing is the utter immediacy of Twitter. Scott (@unmarketing) tweeted that he started the live video and seconds later I had tuned in. Me and about 100 other people – all interacting with Scott at that second, many of us far away from North America.

Other examples is Inbound Marketing University by Hubspot and a local food-festival in Stockholm – I found both by chance on Twitter, ant the very separate activities gives an idea on variety of  Twitterers already engaged.

There is of course stress related implications for those who cannot master the art of Twitter or that are not curious enough to want to know “everything”. But apart from that…

…think of the possibilities for even the smallest company to create value for  themselves and their customers!

As Scott kindly pointed out, everything you write will end up on your Twitter account. Plus anyone with a Twitter account can join! So it’s not private, but Twitter isn’t about being private – on the contrary – it’s about networking, being real and standing up for your opinions. It may seem scary to not be able to hide behind generic e-mail replies or have time to edit and re-edit whatever you put out there – but I do belive the customers will appreciate the personal approach even more in the future.

Also, a hilarious real-time bonus was Scotts handling of a tea-loving spammer! Nothing is as sweet as live snubbing!

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“It’s an added bonus – like the SUN or AIR” – New Adventures of Old Christine

“A mistake, no! It was a choice…one that I now regret deeply” – New Adventures of Old Christine

I simply LOVE that show! Wanda Sykes is a huge favorite and although Julia Dreyfus was great in Seinfeld this show just takes the cake!

Sometimes I really wish I didn’t enjoy TV as much as I do! It’s a real “time-thief” but I just can’t help it!

Like now, I’m up and not sleeping because it’s almost Swedish air-time for Daily Show with John Stewart. That is one good show and they always broadcast a week too late and 1-2 am :S

Oldies but goldies that I can never see enough of (but then again, that I never actually watch):
Blackadder (OH it’s a good one!)

Absolutely Fabulous – you don’t have to believe me, but it’s my life and just a tad bit exaggerated…

Gilmore Girls – I just loved it when it was on the first time, and I still like the quiet hysteria in Sleepy Hollow.

What do they have in common? Lets see… fast talking, borderline hysterics and focusing on quick laughter… yepp, sounds like me 😉

But I also like The Big Bang Theory… about a gang of nerdy guys…oh wait, that’s a bunch of hysterics that talk too fast as well…

Now that I think about it, do you remember Blossom ?! Oh, that was my favorite as a kid! Six was the hysteric girl talking too fast… just in case you’ve forgot!

I would probably watch  Ugly Betty if it wasn’t for House being on at the same time – I mean, Hugh Laurie stole my heart in Blackadder…no quick-talking hysteric fashion show could ever compete with that 😉

Now, do you dare tell me what you watch?

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