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The wave is upon us… but no one seems to see it coming! (Updated – some people can see it coming, and will pay for it)

Dave does a good job of describing the issues with wave and he really touches the nerv – HOW exactly will it work?!

The other nerve is of course – 100 000 people (or so) will get an invitation – I’m surely not one of them, and then it will spread by word-of-mouth and invitation. Presumably this is what will happen, and it will create a “need” for the wave.

Only problem – I need it NOW! I needed it in may… I already know how I want to use it, and the buzz won’t work much longer for me. Although for others – they haven’t even heard the buzz yet, they will most certainly want wave by the time they can actually have it.

Gmail worked like this. I heard about it, how great it was and a week later a friend sent me an invite. I was so late in the game I never even used my invites!

Spotify… we’ll they’ve just taken it to the next level. They’ve been in beta for oh, 2-3 years now. I have an account, of course – but truth is, if I hadn’t gotten it a year ago, I would probably not be interested anymore.

Buzz can just live for so long in my mind

A Swedish professor at Stockholm School of Economics has actually written a good book on the subject of anticipation, called Nextopia.

The longer the wait, the greater the happiness is and the more people are willing to “pay” for the expectations.

Iphone is of course the best example. It was “THE best mobile phone ever” before anyone had even held one in their hand.
The first batch sold out in a blink of an eye and the price was lowered with 30% in 3 months – but that didn’t matter since “everyone” had already bought it anyway. It was a new take on “early adopter”.

And Micael Dahlén is right – I’m willing to PAY for Wave! Unlike some people, I’m not willing to pay in money – as Google’s products are “free” – but I’m willing to pay in time, in blog posts, in discussions, in selling their product to my co-workers (read forcing them to use it). The momentum has been building from the first time I saw the developers preview and now it’s time!

For some, it’s time to use and evaluate Wave
For me, it’s time to go and read another blog post! 🙂

Does this mean I won’t use Wave whenever it’s publicly released? I seriously doubt it! But I guess it depends on if they do a Spotify or not – after all, the Iphone hype totally played over before I even thought of buying one, and now, it’s just too late 🙂

Feel free to comment on your experiences of Wave – or your expectations!


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Oh this is too much!

British Airways is charging for the  of choosing your seat in the plane.

Cory Doctorow of course posted a fun question: What happens is I fly with a 2-year old?

I say: BA, I will NOT risk being nanny to other passengers – and since I really don’t care enough to read ALL your press releases I’ll just read what gets tweeted and re-tweeted enough – ergo, I’ll be scared of having to babysit – and I’ll instead choose another flight!

I see two scenarios:

I pay to get MY seat – then a family “forgets” and I have a child next to me.
Do I a) change with one parent and by doings so pay for a seat I don’t really want
or b) sit next to the child and hope to god it’s a well behaved one

I do as I always do – pick the best available seat and hope that no one paid to sit a long way from a 20-something Swedish girl and end up next to me?! 🙂

Congratulations – you got a lot of PR – but you don’t really get it, do you? 🙂

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Just had the funniest experience with auto-follow-by-keyword-on-Twitter…

Tomorrow is MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World and @MarketingProfs told Chicago ppl to come to a tweetup after the event…

I RT’d and said:

Damnit, I”m moving 2 Ch! RT @MarketingProfs: Chicago folks: Who can come 2morrow & help our man Tobias understand the beauty of a Tweetup?

2 minutes after I get a follow by @packnsend – GUESS what they do =) I’m sorry PacknSend, I’m not REALLY moving, but I love you guys for trying! 🙂

Also, sign up for MarketingProfs DMW is your not already! Great stuff totally free!

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Is it just me?

Just read this post about being ONE person at home and at work. (In general a really a good blog!!) It’s absolutely NOT the first one, and it will most definitely not be the last one – but I just felt the area is OVERLY crowded with people stating the obvious. Or is it just me?

Is it just me who change jobs when I get the famous “Sunday anxiety” – if I’m feeling bad when Monday is coming up, well then obviously I’m NOT in the right place?!

Is it just me who accepted at 13-years old – that I will become a clone of my mother?! Not saying I’m out of choices – just that I’m not surprised every time I “sound like my mother”.

Is it just me, or can’t you just puke at all the “I’m older, therefore NOW I know what’s right – when I was YOUR age I just THOUGHT I did”

Is it really THAT hard to:

– Choose between the options you are given, and LIVE with it!

– Accept the fact that you learn over time

– If it ain’t working for you – try something else, some other way

– If it IS working – realize that doesn’t mean you are right and everyone else is wrong!

– NOT write a post about it?! (Yupp, eventually it is! Which in essence means I will NEVER be free from all state-the-obvious-posts-in-my-RSS)

Is it just me and the fact that I’m totally unaccustomed to this Monday’s crankiness?


Sunny Tuesday update:

All you really need is this happiness test

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Time…is not on my side

I realized yesterday that I’m paralyzed! Utterly and completely paralyzed. Why? Because of TIME!

I KNOW – we all have an equal amount of time at our disposal

I also read this blog post about personal growth, thanks to @danschawbel. You would think that would act as a kick-in-the-butt… but nooo, frankly I think it made things worse 🙂

A month ago, when I came back from vacation, I had the intent to “take control” and “act” to sort out all the stuff that’s been rotting away on the to-do list. I might add I’ve done exactly NOTHING yet… because I’m waiting – I just don’t know for what!

I know I normally get energized from having a lot to do – and thought that having each weekend for the next month booked should be enough, but it just paralyzes me. It’s like I don’t realize that all weekends are in-fact a week apart. I do nothing to be prepared and I feel annoyed that everything is happening at the same time.

Time is truly a relative thing, and I’m just realizing that worse than having it go too fast or too slow, is having it do both in a matter of minutes!

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Book: Syrup by Maxx Barry

I read this book a while back, and I am just now getting around to writing a review. This means of course my memory is a bit blurry…but no worries, I still haven’t returned the book to my friend so I can sneak a peek whenever I’m starting to embellish the story 😉

Written in -99 you would hope that Syrup did not have much to say about the world of marketing today. Unfortunately, or luckily, it hasn’t changed that substantially.

Just look at some of the Marketing Case Studies that are presented throughout the book:

Triple you price. This gives customers the impression of great quality. Helps profits too.

Mktg shampoo: Pick a random chemical in your product and heavily promote it’s presence. […] [Your customers] will assume that it’s a good thing.

Mktg cereal: Base your advertising around the insinuation rather than the claim that the product is healthy. […] When done properly, you don’t even have to lie.

Mktg music: Revive a rock star from the 60’s and appeal to baby boomers nostalgia. Never fails.

Mktg lies: Occasionally, just occasionally, your company will be caught in a lie. This is not good. If possible, immediately fire someone expandable and publicly apologize. If not, you must stick to the lie. Perception is reality.

Mktg magazines: Give away free crap (preferably advertiser-supplied free crap.) Doesn’t matter how worthless or useless it is: sales will rise. Strange but true.

Mktg film: Films live or die by word of mouth. If you have a bad film, suppress WOM utterly: No previews, no reviews and bucket loads of advertising. If you have a good film, pull in as many opinion leaders – critics, celebrities and Hollywood heavyweights – to see it as soon as possible.

If you haven’t already reached the conclusion yourself, this is a book full of humor and equally filled with irony. The actual story – about Scat, 6 and Sneaky Pete, about business ideas that get stolen and what advertising will be in the hands of the right (and the wrong) people – is entertaining and a fun read, but it’s secondary to the fact this book is the BEST book in basic marketing you could ever read!

It takes you a couple of hours and it feel like reading a bestselling novel, one that’s close to a no-brainier.
BUT, and it’s a big one – it’s also a good test of anyone remotely involved in marketing. If your CEO wants to decide what and how you do your marketing – ask him to read this book. If he’s a smart CEO he’ll laugh his ass of or step aside from the decisions. If he’s a dumb ass he won’t get it and you’ll have to find another company to work for 😉

If you’re employed by a marketing manager that doesn’t even smirk while reading – RUN, Forrest!

If YOU can’t see yourself in these situations then step away from the marketing!

If you hate marketing – you’ll feel reimbursed after reading
If you love marketing – you’ll feel energized after reading, ready to take on the world.
If you’re indifferent – you’ll either see marketing people for the nuts they are or you’ll feel sorry for them, since they obviously don’t know better

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So today is the last day!
For 3 weeks or so the position of Marketing- & Communications Manager at the company I work, have been open.

I’ve of course applied for it! After all, it is an internal recruitment and I do think that know the SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Web Analytics scene is being of to a good start 🙂 Of course I also know the role of product owner as well as having worked with most of the companies products.

Hell, I’d give the job to me 😉

Kidding aside. I’ve only been with the company a little less than 2 years and I am only 28. There are people on “the list” that are both older than me and older within the company…

But, we’ll know in due time! Regardless of who will take on the role they’ll have a lot of structuring to do and a continuously growing organization starving for info and “go”. And if I’m not leading, then at least I’ll have a front row seat to all the changes. Can’t get much better than that!

Almost the weekend, let’s not step on the breaks for yet another couple of hours!

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