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Changing blogging platforms is NOT all-the-rage… but STILL I’m doing it! WordPress is my new baby, and unfortunately, I haven’t completely got the hang of it yet…but bare with me 😀

@EricTPeterson tweeted a questions – that summarized MY bad habit. And seconds later I read @AnnLjungbergs writing exercise “Write about a bad habit” – you both tweeted me on the nose with this one! 😀

So, my bad habit is the “read later” add-on in Firefox! I LOVE reading, and with twitter, blog etc the tips just get overwhelming – therefore “read later” is heavily used! I love it, i truly do, because it falls into my lovely world of procrastinating… and of course, I have yet to clear out and sort my read laters…

But I gave Eric the advice of taking 20 mins/day to acutally check off some read laters – it’s not a solution, but it is a start! And I’ll do that!

Just the other day @MattCutts tweeted his 30-day project… and I promised him I would join if he chose “Reading 15 books” – from 1 to 15 might be kidding myself, but I’ll increase my BOOK (!) reading with several 100 % during July!  If Matt is right, and it only takes 30 days to make a habit – I’ll have 2 new good habits to go with my vast amount of bad ones! =D

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To be convinced

This blogpost was additionally written in my former blog dollysdoings.blogspot.com, but since WordPress IS all the rage I felt compelled to switch…

A few years back I started following a great woman’s daily newsletter. She’s a book publisher that also holds author writing classes. On top of that, for free, she gave away small tips and challenges to anyone wanting to participate.

I found this woman, Ann Ljungberg, through a swedish social network called Shortcut. At the time I studied project management and only had writing as a hobby. Since Shortcut focuses on helping people onwards in their careers, I stopped using it when I found my job. And Ann stopped sending her newsletter – because, of course, she started focusing on her blog and her core business 😀 Alas I lost the inspiration that Ann’s sendouts had been – and as life goes, I got used to it and didn’t think much of it.

Until yesterday! Being the book buff that I am, I’m following a lot of book publishers on Twitter, and suddenly @Piratforlaget said something to @AnnLjungberg! And here I am, today, answering her challenge… 🙂

I’m now convinced that Twitter does good – despite most people displaying a not-so-mild skepticism – because not only does it help me find info about SEO and other online marketing related subject, it also put me in contact with Ann, once again – now that writing is a big part of what I do all day!

The web definitely gives us new writing challenges regarding style and expression, but for me it also embodies the chance to evolve and grow my capabilities as a copy writer – without loosing track of what writing “used” to be about!

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Humor is always much appreciated by me, and with the work I do there is a lot to be said for the humor on the YourPPCSucks site!

Whenever I feel like a neanderthal for creating my ads manually, I can always rely on that site to pick me up 😉

And it inspires me to have some fun.. like this

I hope that it’s just a broad-match-gone-bad and that ThePrivateEquityMaster doesn’t ACTUALLY sell meth!!

But…something is wrong with the PPC universe :S Either the world started to only add GREAT PPC – or YourPPCSucks has grown tired of exposing automated crappy ads from Ebay and Amazon… Non of it highly likely, so WHERE are you?!

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Show me love

This blogpost was additionally written in my former blog dollysdoings.blogspot.com, but since WordPress IS all the rage I felt compelled to switch…

Watched an old concert with Robyn on TV tonight. It was shot in L.A. Seems unreal somehow, that Robyn, only 2 years older than me, and from Stockholm would be touring the world singing the songs she releases through her own record label.

I’m always amazed by people who make it. And normally I don’t particulary care if it’s pure marketing or pure genius that is the reason… Even if I do WANT to admire genuine people more, I tend to have a hard time getting past admiring a fake person that is a genius marketer 😉

Robyn of course, is the real deal! (I hope…) She was discovered in the early 90’s and made into a product… BUT, she decided she was more than a singer. So she started her own record label, since the one she had wanted to call the shots on what music she would make.
And it seems she made a smart choice, which probably means she could go to any record label and get the EXACT music she wanted, produced. That is authority built on pure genius 🙂

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