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Oh dear, snow?!

It’s almost march…and it started snowing. You really gotta love Stockholm! If it’s not snowing, the snow is melting away during the day and freezing during the night turning Stockholm into a city sized ice rink!

If you’ve never been to Stockholm, don’t go – at least not between september and april! Seriously, the city gets paralyzed at the sign of snow, and there is a immediate risk of just that! This morning I waited for the bus, took about 12 minutes, then one came and I took it…
turns out the next one came 1 minute later…
Why? It’s not that we have a laid back view on time in Sweden, it’s because it’s been snowing for about 36 hours! Oh, and halfway the bus almost got stuck in the snow…that when I realized there was another bus just behind us – because it was now just infront of the bus I was in, the one that was stuck in the snow!

So let’s recap:
Sept-Apr = Snow in Stockholm
Snow in Stockholm = chaos
Sept-Apr in Stockholm = Chaos…

But you’re welcome during May-Aug! 😉

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Pirate Stuff

This blogpost was additionally written in my former blog dollysdoings.blogspot.com, but since WordPress IS all the rage I felt compelled to switch…

So I guess this will be a work in progress… reckon I’ll find new pirate treasures “a little further down the line”

I’m not a parent so what do I know…but seriously, it can’t get much better than PirateParenting – try out the Pieces-of-eight Ball or for the hard core parents “Name thy pirate minivan”! I almost want a minivan of my own! 😉

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This blogpost was additionally written in my former blog dollysdoings.blogspot.com, but since WordPress IS all the rage I felt compelled to switch…

Just started reading “Landing Page Optimization” by Tim Ash, and it hit me.

What is my prefered way of recieving information?!

I have two different RSS feeds – I started with one, it grew out of control, so I simply started a new one – this time I am more restrictive in what ends up there.

When I started with RSS I stopped with a lot of newsletters – but not all. So why did I keep some? To be honest…probably because I just wasn’t ready to let go, and they had no RSS-feed – it doesn’t mean I read them.

I also get SMS-offers from some shops I’m a member of. It bugs me sometimes, but I don’t opt-out, it’s so easy to erase and so much fuzz to click links and stuff on my cell.

I get info emails from a couple of companies too. Delta for instance. I hate those! I don’t travel much, and if I do they send me a “get 10 % off a destination” just after I’ve ordered. That is some CRAPPY e-mail marketing, when I think about it! Hey, Delta, do you need a Internet Marketing Manager?! 😉

I also get info emails from MarketingProfs. Those guys are GREAT! They remind me of seminars, and “toot their own horn”, but only about stuff that are interesting, or at least 2 out of 3 times it’s interesting.

But if could choose any way for a specific company. Well, MarketingProfs would stay in the Inbox, because I never ignore my Inbox!

Delta, well, I don’t know, maybe my first RSS feed (you remember, the one I never read anymore) – they’ve had too many chances already.

The guys that keep sending me SMS-ads… well, how about RSS?! I COULD read it if I wanted to, and I could ignore it…or opt-out of course, but I’m a bit curious about the next offer after all! :

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